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A society where people can live in peace and enjoy the quality of life
– We want to achieve this goal by the development of nature-friendly material known as glass beads

Not many people are aware of its presence but glass beads are material commonly used virtually everywhere.
Take our Highway Safety Marking Spheres for example. As the name speaks, they are used for road surface markings such as crosswalks and center lines. The beads enhance the reflectivity of markings especially in conditions of poor visibility at night by reflecting and refracting the headlight beam back toward the light source.
Glass beads are also used as blasting media for surface finishing of industrial products and as plastic additives. We position these products as engineered glass materials, and we have been working to develop new technologies and products. Now you can see them being applied to so-called cutting-edge technologies.
In today’s society, what people expect from businesses is not limited to quality of products. We, Potters-Ballotini, will do our best to respond to increasingly diverse customer needs, and to improve our comprehensive capabilities in a variety of fields including quality, economy, safety, and environment conservation. We are and will be working wholeheartedly to build a better society in which people can enjoy their life.