Privacy Policy

Potters-Ballotini Co. Ltd. (hereinafter called “our company”) is committed to provide appropriate protection of and make adequate use of personally identifying information (hereinafter called “private information”) according to Private Information Protection Law (hereinafter called “the Law”) based on the understanding that it is an important part of corporate responsibilities to handle private information properly.

1.Private Information

Private information in this policy refers to information including name, phone number, address, e-mail address etc. that can identify individuals.

2. Handling Policy

In addition to all related rules and laws with regards to appropriate protection and use of private information, our company complies with the terms and conditions set forth in this policy. We will also try to review and improve private information control system and our efforts to protect the private information regularly; and when we revise the policy, we will give notice on this Web page.

3. Use of Private Information

Our company may use private information of the customers within the scope of the following purposes. Our company may also use it for other purposes only if we clearly states or give notice to the customers of the purposes when we collect information.

  1. To provide our products and services.
  2. To provide information on our products, services, activities and technologies (including calendar of events and campaigns).
  3. To conduct customer surveys to discuss and implement market research, quality improvement, betterment, research & development of our products, services, activities, and technologies.
  4. To respond to customers’ inquiries and requests for information materials.
  5. To process and manage payments or debts and credits from our company’s business activities.
  6. Other things necessary to manage and deal with our company’s business activities.

4. Disclosure and Provision of Private Information to a Third Party

Our company shall not disclose or provide private information of our customers to a third party without obtaining consent of relevant customers in advance except as specified below.
A third party may be supplied with or have access to the private information

  1. for the purpose of providing our services to you on behalf of our company.
  2. for the purpose of protecting people’s lives, bodies and property, and when our company is not able to obtain consent of relevant customer beforehand.
  3. when it is required by the Law.
  4. when it is provided by other laws.

5. Security

Our company is committed to provide appropriate security management measures to prevent loss, manipulation, or leakage of private information of our customers. We also provide guidelines for our staff handling private information concerning the importance of protecting such information, and we will provide proper supervision to third-party providers when we entrust the information to them.

6. Inquiries (including request for information disclosure)

Customers of our company may request for disclosure of their own private information collected by us according to routine procedure of our company. If you want to request for disclosure of your own private information, please contact the person in charge.
The person in charge shall take care of questions or anything you want discuss with us regarding your own private information. If you want to request us to delete the information, please send your request by our inquiry box or contact the person in charge.
In either case, your request will be taken care of properly in accordance with the Private Information Protection Law.


Last updated in April, 2009
Potters-Ballotini Co., Ltd.