Features of Glass Beads

Glass Beads are Nature-friendly Material with Excellent Features.

■Chemically Stable and Strong Material

Some of the excellent features of glass include transparency, resistance to water and chemicals, thermal stability, and hardness. Particularly, when glass is manufactured into spherical particles, it can resist impact and make extremely stable material. Because glass contains non toxic components, and is recyclable, it is expected to be applied to many areas.

■“Retroreflectivity” Returns Light Back

Glass beads have “retroreflectivity” that returns the incoming light back toward the light source. When you drive a car at night, the light from the headlights enters the glass beads embedded in the paint applied on the road surface, and then goes back to the driver effectively. Glass beads to improve the nighttime visibility are essential to transportation infrastructure development.

■Blasting to Polish and Harden Metals

By bombarding or blasting a work surface of parts such as molded metal parts with glass beads, you can deburr and give smooth finishing to metal surface. Because there are many different sizes of particles to choose from, you can obtain a processing effect you desire. Variety of size range of products provide excellent finishing surface as you desire.

■Ideal Characteristics as Filler Material

Glass beads are chemically stable and do not cause chemical reaction with other substances, so they are also ideal as a material of polymer additives. Glass beads are hard and have low thermal expansion. These characteristics of glass beads can make stronger plastic composites with less deformation.

Chemical Characteristics of Glass

Glass is chemically stable, and has excellent water and chemical resistance.

Chemical Composition   Analysis value example (%)
Material Soda-lime glass Low alkaline glass
SiO2 72.0 55.5
Al2O3 2.0 14.0
B2O3 - 5.7
Fe2O3 0.1 0.2
Na2O/K2O 13.5 0.5
MgO 3.4 1.0
CaO 9.0 23.1
Total 100.0 100.0

Physical Characteristics of Glass

Glass is a transparent and hard material with excellent resistance to high temperature.

Physical Characteristics   Standard Value
Density 2.5 2.6
Refractive Index(nD) 1.50〜1.53 1.53〜1.57
Hardness(New Moh's scale) 6.5 6.5
Softening Point (℃) 720 830
Coeffcient of Thermal Expansion (α×10-7/℃) 90 51
Thermal Conductivity (kcal/mh℃) 0.81 0.89
Specific Heat(kcal/kg℃) 0.28 0.20
  • 路面表示塗料用
  • JIS Standard Beads
  • High-Index Retroreflective
    Glass Spheres
  • Engineered Glass Materials
  • ブラスティング用
  • Glass Beads
  • Glass Powder
  • フィラー用
  • Solid Glass Spheres
  • Glass Microspheres
  • Hollow Glass Spheres
  • Q-CEL®
  • Sphericel®
  • Ceramic Multi Cellular
  • Extendospheres™
  • Conductive Additives
  • 粉砕・分散/ろ過用
  • Large Glass Beads
  • 塗料・装飾用
  • Phosphorescent Glass Beads