Engineered Glass Materials

Blasting Media

Glass beads are useful as a blasting media to remove burrs and provide smooth metal surface. A variety of bead sizes are available for users to choose from to achieve desired effect of cleaning, peening, and finishing process with less grinding dust. Glass beads are widely used for finishing precise parts such as for airplane, automobile, precision machinery, office automation equipment, and optical instrument or cutting-edge technology areas such as electronics.  
  • 路面表示塗料用
  • JIS Standard Beads
  • High-Index Retroreflective
    Glass Spheres
  • Engineered Glass Materials
  • ブラスティング用
  • Glass Beads
  • Glass Powder
  • フィラー用
  • Solid Glass Spheres
  • Glass Microspheres
  • Hollow Glass Spheres
  • Q-CEL®
  • Sphericel®
  • Ceramic Multi Cellular
  • Extendospheres™
  • Conductive Additives
  • 粉砕・分散/ろ過用
  • Large Glass Beads
  • 塗料・装飾用
  • Phosphorescent Glass Beads