Engineered Glass Materials

Polymer Additives

By adding glass spheres as polymer additives, plastic polymers will be applied variety of functional properties. Glass spheres are hard and have low thermal expansion characteristics so that they not only prevent distortion and strain while plastics shrink but also improve strength. Addition of appropriate types of glass spheres enables plastics to obtain such properties as surface hardness, matte finish, weight reduction, noise insulation, and heat insulation.

Benefits of Glass Beads as Additives
 and Distribution Chart of Particle Sizes by Product

Difference in Distribution of Distortion in Plastic by Additive Type

Distortion of plastic differs depending on the shape of filler particles. Because glass beads are isotropic, they disperse distortion uniformly, and improve dimensional stability.

Distribution of Particle Sizes by Product

Effects of Polymer Additives on Products

  • 路面表示塗料用
  • JIS Standard Beads
  • High-Index Retroreflective
    Glass Spheres
  • Engineered Glass Materials
  • ブラスティング用
  • Glass Beads
  • Glass Powder
  • フィラー用
  • Solid Glass Spheres
  • Glass Microspheres
  • Hollow Glass Spheres
  • Q-CEL®
  • Sphericel®
  • Ceramic Multi Cellular
  • Extendospheres™
  • Conductive Additives
  • 粉砕・分散/ろ過用
  • Large Glass Beads
  • 塗料・装飾用
  • Phosphorescent Glass Beads