Engineered Glass Materials

Media for Pigment Grinding and Dispersion

Large Glass Beads

Large Glass Beads grind particles suspended in a liquid to nanometer level.
  • Glass beads in high roundness and uniform density provide stable grinding and dispersion efficiency
  • Smooth surface provides excellent flowability.
  • Grinding & Dispersion Media:Pigment, ink, calcium carbonate, magnetic material, functional particle such as fluorescent substance
  • Filtering Material:Chemical fiber, waste liquid treatment
  • Slip Prevention:Flooring materials
  • Decoration:Wall material, paints
  • Others
▲ Large Glass Beads

Model of grinding and
dispersion by glass beads

Materials are grinded by impact of glass beads traveling at high speed.


Large Glass Beads Specifications
Product name Median
particle size(mm)
GB190M 0.600〜0.425 25kg/can
GB200M 0.850〜0.600
GB201M 1.000〜0.710
GB501M 1.180〜0.850
GB502M 1.400〜1.000
GB503M 2.000〜1.400
GB602M 2.800〜2.000
GB603M 3.350〜2.000
GB604M 4.750〜3.350
GB605M 5.600〜4.000
GB607M 8.000〜6.700
(Note) More than 80% of particles are in Median particle size range.

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