For Customer Satisfaction and Global Environment Conservation

For the Realization of Zero Waste Society

"Acting with environment consciousness and offering safe products"
This is the unchanging corporate attitude of Potters-Ballotini.

      A variety of glass products are collected and brought to our plants. To us they are not seen as waste but important material used to produce glass beads. These once used glass are sorted out according to composition, and then recycled and used to manufacture our products under strict process control.
      We know very well the importance of promoting material recycling since we are the experienced leading company of this industry.
• Strict quality inspection making sure that the material is not contaminated with toxic substances.
• Careful consideration of environmentally friendly guidelines for storing, producing and shipping products.
• Consideration for the health of our clients, staff and their family.
• Research and development to fulfill customers need without using toxic substances.
• Use of recyclable containers during distributions.
These are just some of the efforts we have been making to achieve safety, cut waste and raise the quality of our products to meet the demands of today and the future.
      Potters-Ballotini’s glass beads are a product of the experiences and achievements PBJ has obtained since it was founded. They are highly valued and trusted by our customers.
      We also obtained ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification and continually make R&D efforts with a focus on quality and environmental conservation.
      We believe that harmony and mutual prosperity with local communities should be a major goal of any company. Therefore, in January 2005, Potters-Ballotini was the first company to be recognized as a foster parent for the Ibaraki Prefecture Road Foster Parent Program. As part of this program, we are actively engaged in social contributions to keep the roads and the surrounding areas clean and also ensure the safety of school routes.

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